Unsolved Crimes of St Kilda (Cold Cases)

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Take a two hour tour of St Kilda at night to solve 180 years of crimes where so many others have failed and earn your Investigator’s license… if you survive.

                          INVESTIGATOR’S LICENCE

Whereas the bearer has satisfied the City of Port Phillip that he or she has successfully completed, without fatality, many unexplained mysteries and criminal investigations of unsolved cold files from the past 180 years such as……

The Molly Dean Murder 1931

The Ronald Ryan Execution 1965

Who is burning down St Kilda? 1927, 1927, 1988, 1994, 2008

The Mystery of the Hansom Cab 1886

The Guns in the Roof Case 1988

The Murder of Kelly Hodges 2003

The Disappearance of Adelle Bailey 1978/1995

The Tanner Affair

The Lost Graves OFChristChurch

Where are Charmian and Louise Faulkner?

Where was Squizzy Taylor’s hideaway?

The Penguin Artists Poltergeist 1942

The Ned Kelly Curse 1881

The Case of the Royal Hotel Bushrangers 1852

The Student and the UFO – Frank Valentich 21.10.78

Is Melbourne Cursed? The Wirrawaps Armageddon 1842

The Case of the Missing Girl – Linda Stilwell 1965

The Bojangles killing Was Sammy The Turk murdered? 1994

The Esplanade Ghost 1883

The Joker of Luna Park 1912

The Case of the Tram Track Cannibal 1984


……..And other carnage, chaos and mayhem…….


I therefore by my hand do license the bearer to fully undertake all and any investigations of untoward, suspicious or foul activities within St Kilda proper or improper.


Given under my official hand,

Meyer Eidelson


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