St Kilda Historic Pub Tour

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Visit up to 15 current and former historic pubs in famous seaside St Esplanade-72-81Kilda, as far back back as the Gold Rush. Travel from the Elephant and Wheelbarrow in Fitzroy Street to the Village Belle in Acland Street exploring in stories and pictures, their fascinating associations with ghosts, sport, bushrangers, drag queens, soldiers, cops and crims, heavy metal, films, writers, spinsters, gamblers, stunning renovations and modern fashionistas.


Sites below that we visit to tell these stories include seven current hotels and nine former hotels.

Junction Hotel, later Grand Junction Hotel 1853 – 1973
Corner Hotel, formerly Sparrow’s Hotel, and Rolland’s Hotel 1864 – 1967,

Elephant & Wheelbarrow, formerly European Hotel, British Family Hotel, British Hotel, Victoria Hotel, Cricket Club Hotel and The Ritz 1854 –

George Hotel, formerly The Terminus and Seaview 1857 –

Prince of Wales Hotel 1862 –29 Fitzroy Street,

Club Hotel (1 Fitzroy St, corner The Esplanade, St Kilda, adjacent south of Summerlands.

Beaconsfield Hotel 1881 – 2004341
Beaconsfield Parade, corner Cowderoy Street, St KildaEsplanade Hotel, formerly New Bath and Criterion 1856

Royal Hotel/ Family Hotel 1847 – 1930s,
22 The Esplanade, corner Robe Street, St Kilda (former). Now belvedere flats.

 Pembroke 1857, Dog’s Bar.

Star and Garter Hotel, formerly Pitt’s Hotel, Oakley’s Family Hotel, International, Mager’s Family Hotel, and Morgan’s Family Hotel 1854 – 1920s,

-Carlton Family Hotel / Carlton House and Hotel 1858 – 1862

St Kilda Hotel, then St Kilda Family Hotel and Tradesmen’s Hotel 1851 – 1919

The Jacka Bar, The Memorial,

Village Belle Hotel 1855 –     ,

St Kilda Inn, formerly the Hare and Hounds, The Court House,and Prince Charles Hotel 1853 –

Images: Cooper’s History of St Kilda, Vols 1 and 2




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