Melbourne History Online Tour

Our Melbourne City Discovery Tour is now available online in addition to our city-based school excursions. This online resource explores Melbourne’s buildings, places and people to learn how the Melbourne community has evolved from traditional owners through settlement, federation, gold rush, war and depression to the modern era.
Resources are subject to copyright. They are available to view by teachers but require prior permission for schooling purposes. Please contact Melbourne Walks for conditions and costs:
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Our learning resource is available on request and includes:
A. FILM (above) exploring the key buildings and locations in the city which explain the Melbourne Story.
B. KEY enquiry notes enabling students to explore a deeper understanding of the contents.
C. STUDENTS can select from HISTORIC IDENTITIES of Melbourne to pursue an understanding of their contribution to places.
D. OUR GOOGLE MAP enable students to visit 21 places online and learn about them. They can also use this as a basis for exploring future ‘non-virtual’ visits to the city.


      1. START Federation Square 1901, Swanston and Flinders
      2. Flinders St Station 1914, Swanston and Flinders
      3. St Pauls Cathedral 1857, Swanston & Flinders
      4. Young and Jackson, Swanston & Flinders
      5. Hosier Lane
      6. Nicholas Building 1926, 37 Swanston St
      7. Customs House 1858, 400 Flinders
      8. Banking Chamber 1891, 333 Collins St
      9. Block Arcade 1892, 282 Collins. Can we see front of building instead of from
      10. Manchester Unity 1931, 220 Collins
      11. Royal Arcade 1870, 335 Bourke St
      12. Melbourne GPO 1859, cnr Bourke and Elizabeth
      13. Myer Melbourne 1910, 320 Bourke
      14. Princess Theatre 1888, 170 Spring
      15. Parliament House 1857, Spring Street
      16. Old Treasury Building 1858, 20 Spring
      17. Collins Street Churches, Russell and Collins
      18. St Michaels 1864, 120 Collins
      19. Athenaeum Theatre est. 1839, 188 Collins
      20. Cromwell House 1886, 135 Collins
      21. Melbourne Town Hall 1867, Collins & Swanston
      22. FINISH Federation Square

What was Melbourne’s Indigenous name?  What does the Federation square plaza depict?
1835 Why was one of Melbourne’s first names Batmania? What was the ‘Melbourne Treaty’?
1835 Who was Melbourne’s first European female passenger?  What date is the official Melbourne Foundation Day?
1837 Who laid out the original city grid?  Approximately how many lanes and arcades now exist within the grid?
1851 Why was Flinders Lane and nearby lanes such as Hosier known as the Rag Lane for a century? What is Hosier Lane now famous for?1854 What was the Eureka rebellion about? Where did Melbourne residents voice their protests?
1854 Where did the first steam train line in Australia depart from?1859 What building has long been considered the centre of Melbourne?1857 What building stored Melbourne’s gold after the 1851 gold rush?1862 What was practised in the Collins Street Assembly Hall. What is a suffragette?
1867 What classical building is the home of the Melbourne City government?
1870 What is the oldest Arcade in Australia? Who are Gog and Magog?1888 What is Melbourne’s oldest theatre est 1857?
1891 What street is the golden mile of Melbourne?
1892 From where does Melbourne’s Block Arcade draw its name?1901 What does Federation Square celebrate. Name 2 cultural places on Fed Square?
1901-1927 Where was Australia’s first national parliament housed?  
1906 What was the world’s first feature film? Where was it first shown?
1914 What was Simcha Baevski’s other name?
1915 What famous medicine was synthesized by George and Alfred Nicholas?
1931 What 1931 building was the tallest in in Melbourne for 20 years?
2020 What is the City of Melbourne’s Latin motto?