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Explore Early Melbourne, walking from the Melbourne Museum to the State Library or City Square , visiting milestone buildings and locations that tell the epic story of Melbourne.  Students use the knowledge gained at exhibitions like the Aboriginal keeping Place, Early Melbourne, Casselden Place, and other exhibits inside the museum to explore the real living city outside the museum.

Students of all ages respond enthusiastically to this challenging and stimulating journey through the iconic early Melbourne and contemporary buildings, streets plazas and lanes and historic sites.   This interactive two hour program allows them to explore the evolution of  Melbourne’s history, identity and culture by visiting places which tell stories about  milestones from Indigenous origins to early settlement to gold rush expansion to Marvellous Melbourne to Federation to the current era.

Each student is allocated an historic identity of an influential early Melbournite. We can provide interactive activities e.g take them into buildings,  handle artifacts, and examine images. They meet challenges in a fun way that promotes learning and questioning. We can also also design a  specific mix of destinations and activities to meet your specific learning needs including from our many other school programs. 

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We had a brilliant time yesterday and collectively thought the excursion was very worthwhile and meaningful for our Unit of Inquiry learning for our primary school students. The students got a lot out of it and made some thoughtful reflections on their time with you yesterday (and Monday as well). Thank you for working with us throughout the lengthy organisation process and we hope to see you again in the future. Teachers of Overnewton Anglican Community College, Taylors Lake campus and East Keilor campus 12 August 2015

Exhibition building
Exhibition Gardens
Aboriginal sites as well as bushtucker experIence in the gardens
Casselden Place village ie the 1800s ‘Little Lon’ village
Archaeological sites of ‘Little Lon’ (students analyse and handle artifacts)
Mary McKillop ‘slum school’ site
Princess Theatre
Her Majesty Theatre, Comedy Theatre
Modern architectural buildings on historic sites

Chinatown Square
Queen Victoria Womens Centre (suffragette history)
State Library



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