Melbourne Science, Innovation & Technology Tour

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VISIT Melbourne places with historic  connections to paleontology, geography, prehistory, cosmology, physics, geometry, gravity, geology, archaeology and sustainability, bio-mimicry, architecture, chemistry, mathematics and biology.
PARTICIPATE in an entertaining and informative walking tour of historic and current infrastructure, places and buildings that underlie the city centre.
LEARN about the numbers, design and geography that have helped to inform the evolving technology of the CBD grid.
TRAVEL through Australia’s biggest concentration of lanes and arcades as well as new and old buildings using historic maps and images.
TOURS can be any length but are normally up to two hours for students  and 2.5 hours for other groups. They commence from Melbourne Visitors Centre, Federation Square     See also our Innovation Tour.

SEE –  SCHOOL PROGRAMS –  Explorer, Federation, Colonial, Indigenous, Early Melbourne, Marvellous Melbourne, Architecture, Street Art, Squizzy (Runner) and 30 more.

Questions we pursue depending on time available:
What was Melbourne’s first manufactured product?
Find a Cambrian fossil from the Kimberley desert? Why are shellfish  in the desert? How old is Cambrian?
How could our sparrows help prevent the effects of climate change?
What is the largest piece of urban art in Melbourne? What is its connection to paleontology, geography and astronomy?
How many seasons does Melbourne really have? What enormous animal migration happens every year in the heart of Melbourne?
What is the world’s largest trampoline?
What is biomimicry? What connects new buildings to termites? DEGRAVES TUNNEL 1E degraves hole subway - Copy
Where can one see Melbourne’s 400,000 year old bedrock?
What connects archaeology to sewers?
What is a fractal façade? What does 1 x 2 x square root 5 mean to Melbourne?
How old is the tram system? What was its original connection to tunnels?
What is Melbourne’s first legal document?
What are the 30 different metal plates in the footpath.
What are the magic numbers for Robert Hoddle’s golden mile grid.
In Flinders Lane there are many blocks of warehouses no higher than 142 feet? Why 142?
What is bluestone? How did it get here? Why are there ‘fingers’ in it
What links street art to town planning?
Decode the riddles on Newspaper House?
Melbourne was deliberately designed with no lanes? So why are there now 200 of them?
How do lanes formerly designated ‘rubbish, rats and crime’ make a city more liveable?
Why are there huge iron shutters on wheels in Flinders Lanes?
How did salicylic acid build 37 Swanton Street?
How do you deliver mail by gravity? By  vacuum?hoddle
What two  historic murals depict the story of technology in Collins Street ?
Where did they first turn on Melbourne’s water?
What does the PMG logo mean? What is ‘total design’? Which fonts are exclusively Australian?
In 1880 one Melbournian foretold the  future of Melbourne in 2000. How accurate was he?
What is the secret purpose of 32 of Melbourne’s news stands.
Which new invention nearly killed a Prime Minister?
What is the Helvetica riddle? Can you solve it?
Locate the MU switchboard. What was it for? What is it now?
Why was Melbourne’s abandoned by most residents for 90 years?
Toss pennies in a former two-up alley. What are the probabilities of winning?
How was Melbourne  unintentionally designed for wind tunnels  179 years ago?
Where is Melbourne’s first escalator?
How does the postie know where number one is located in a street  (without looking at the numbers?)
Why are there towers on the GPO?
Where are most of Melbourne’s old pulleys?








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