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This tour  (which doubles as a tour of some of the best heritage sites in Melbourne)

Zelda D’Aprano chained outside Arbitration Commission 1969.

usually commences from Spring Street near Parliament Station. Allow 2-2.5 hours.   The guide book on on Melbourne women sites by Celestina Sagazio is an excellent reference. See also an alternative walk route.  Another great reference is Radical Melbourne 1 and 2 by Jeff and Jill Sparrow – see our Radical Melbourne Tour.

Celestina describes Melbourne’s the womens’ trail as  “places or objects designed or commissioned by women; places where poor and marginalized women found themselves; and places from which women were able to reform or contribute to society in many ways, for example, as politicians, feminist lobbyists, doctors, artists, actresses and singers.”



Significant women’s places in Melbourne include:

1. Tasma Terrace

2. The Great Petition

3. Caroline Chisholm Cairn

4. Womens Underground Toilet

5. Parliament House

6. Green Latrine

7. Princess Theatre

8. Windsor Hotel

9 . The Lyceum

10. Grosvenor Chambers

11. WCTU Rooms

12. The Melbourne Club

13 Harley House

14 Alexandra Club

15 Le Louvre

16 Nauru House, 80 Collins St, is visible through the open space next to Le Louvre.

17. St Michael’s Uniting Church

18. Scots Church

19. Flinders Lane

21. Assembly Hall

22. Theosophical Society

23. The Atheneaum

24. Former Underground Women’s Toilet

25. Chinatown

26. Queen Victoria Hospital

27. State Library

29. City Watch House

30. Old Melbourne Gaol

31. Emily McPherson College of Domestic Economy

32. Storey Hall

33. Women’s Liberation Office

34. Welsh Church

35. YWCA’s Jasper Hotel

36. WCTU Drinking Fountain

32. Storey Hall

33. Women’s Liberation Office

34. Mary McKillop Providence

35. YWCA’s Jasper Hotel

36. WCTU Drinking Fountain

37. Hope Hall, Exhibition Street

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