Op Shops by the Bay by Bike

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Go Bike! Go Op Shop!  Go Bayside Melbourne!

 St Kilda      Port Melbourne      Balaclava      South Melbourne   Albert Park

Regardless of what you call them Op Shops, Opportunity Shops, Bargain Centres or Charity shops – they are all great places to pick-up a bargain and also provide financial support to many charities in bayside Melbourne.
Take a four hour cycling tour of up to nine Op Shops in the perfect seaside cycling  suburbs from St Kilda to South Melbourne exploring its fascinating mix of neigbourhood villages.
We also provide an historical overview of the localities and give you maps and guides.
Your guide has lived here all his life and worked on local low income projects supported by these shops.

Cost:  $60 per person. There is a minimum charge of $180 which is inclusive of up to three persons. Coffee or drink included.
Bookings: melbwalks@gmail.com or see ‘Contact ustab at left or 0408 894724 or 03 90907964
When: We travel from 9am to 1.00pm on Saturdays of choice by arrangement.

Access: Balaclava Station is  nearby to where we start on Carlisle Street near St Kilda Library. All day parking is obtainable on most of Carlisle Street west of St Kilda Road and in the streets between Carlisle Street and Blessington Street.
-Reasonable fitness.
-Your own bike in good working order (we don’t carry spare parts etc.)
– Or bikes can be hired from  several local public bike stations.

-Experience in riding on roads.
-We obey all laws re helmets, footpaths, etc.
-Children must be over 10, experienced on roads and under supervision of parents.

St Kilda Salvos

Sacred Heart St Kilda
Salvation Army (Hunter Gatherer)
Sacred Heart, inkerman St, St Kilda East
Salvos Store  Clarendon St,  South Melbourne
Sacred Heart Mission, Clarendon Street, South Melbourne
Community Chest Op Shop, South Melbourne
Grays second hand furniture, South Melbourne,
South Port Uniting Care Op Shop, Albert Park
Vinnies, Port Melbourne

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Brotherhood of St Laurence (including Hunter Gatherers) was the vision and creation of Fr Gerard Tucker, a man who combined his Christian faith with a fierce determination to end social injustice. The Brotherhood has developed into an independent organisation with strong Anglican and community links. Today, they continue to fight for an Australia free of poverty. See the link for a list of their stores: www.bsl.org.au

 The Uniting Church in Australia (UCA) was formally established on 22 June 1977 when most congregations of the Methodist Church of Australasia, the Presbyterian Church of Australia and the Congregational Union of Australia came together under the Basis of Union. It shops provide income to support low income people in local parishes.

Sacred Heart Mission helps people who find themselves on the fringes of mainstream society. In all their programs – meals, crisis support, health and personal care, employment training, sport, recreation, home care, housing, hostel care and support for street workers – staff and volunteers endeavour to create and maintain a sense of community – the opportunity for people to ‘belong’.

Salvation Army operates as both a church and a network of social services, stemming from its worship of God and its Christian values. There are currently 1,650,000 Salvationists (members) in over 106 countries. For store locations in Melbourne click on this link: www.salvationarmy.org.au

Vinnies: St Vincent de Paul Society has over 7,000 members and volunteers in Victoria providing assistance to more than 660,000 people. Throughout Australia people turn to Vinnie’s in their time of need. Voluntary members visit people in their homes, extending the hand of friendship and offering practical support.





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