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Melbourne Walks provides photographers with opportunities to access powerful and unusual visual themes. We have been running over 100 different walks including guiding photographers, beginning in 1991. Our tours are run by arrangement at at times and dates of choice. Tours can be any length but are usually up to 2.5 hours. or two hours for student groups. Times are chosen which maximise access to buildings and landscapes as required.

We can research a specific theme that you wish or you can choose one of the many photographic opportunities we already offer. 


Photographing the heart of Melbourne: A city tour in the CBD exploring the worlds ‘most livable city, its lanes and arcades, historic and contemporary architecture, cafe and coffee society and meeting places.
Photographing Subterranean Melbourne: Publicly accessible sites in the CBD: basements, subways, cellars, mysteries, portholes.

Photographing Melbourne from the heights: Explore Melbourne from rooftops and the upper levels of historic buildings.
Photographing Melbourne’s Street Art: The fabulous lanes where hundreds of artists have painters creating one of the the world street art capitals.
Photographing Marvellous Melbourne. The stunning gold rush buildings and architecture of Melbourne.
Photographing Melbourne’s back lanes: The hidden lanes where the fabulous infrastructure of bluestone, winches, cast iron, warehouses, sewage stables, factories, industrial brick, pits and traps, street cafes and rare topographies abound.
Photographing Indigenous landscapes: Our Black Rock tour provides the most spectacular coastal scenery near Melbourne including access to a range of rare Indigenous sites as well as the most spectacular coastal scenery near Melbourne. We also offer an indigenous Tour in the CBD along the Yarra River, visiting striking monuments and historic meeting places.
Photographing Artist landscapes. This follows coastal and river trails near Melbourne visiting the favourite vistas of Australia’s greatest ‘plein-air’ painters  such as the Heidelberg School and the Impressionists.
Photographing St Kilda: The great nineteenth Mediterranean pleasure garden on the Melbourne foreshore: Spectacular Bay views, parks and piers, iconic buildings such as the Plaias, Luna Park, Espy, and vibrant Acland Street.

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