‘Runner’ Squizzy Online School Tour

Welcome to our ONLINE RUNNER JOURNEYthrough the streets of Melbourne using Google Slides.
OUR Online Runner Tour is an alternative to our normal Runner School Excursion in the Melbourne CBD.
These presentation materials are copyright to Melbourne Walks and require written permission prior to use for teaching purposes. They are free to view.
INQUIRIES: melbwalks@gmail.com or 0408 894 724
COSTS: We provide a quote on request to melbwalks@gmail.com or 0408 894 724

Our Online Tour contains five resources that can be used by teachers and students as a resource. They include:

  1. The Google Slide Tour follows Charlie Feehan’s route as he races from Richmond to the Orient Hotel in Bourke Street, including images, locations, and the context of both the 1920s and contemporary eras.
  2. Speaker notes assist teachers to pursue content further with the students.
  3. Readings from Robert Newton’s novel are connected to these online Melbourne places.
  4. Identities from the book and Squizzy era can be adopted by students to assist participation and further research. 
  5. Online Runner Google Map enables students to explore the geographic locations on the route.






Runner Online School Tour