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Fifty History Walking Tours – the perfect social event for members of Life Activities Clubs in Victoria


Melbournewalks.com.au is one of Melbourne’s oldest walking companies. We deliver over fifty highly-researched walking tours (see below) in Melbourne’s city centre and also suburbs e.g. Lanes and Arcades, Street Art, Unsolved Crimes, Early Melbourne, Indigenous, Architecture, Rooftop tours, Subterranean tours and many more.   We provide a special discount rate for Probus, Rotary, U3A, Senior and Life Activities Clubs of only $20 per person for a 2.5 hour tour if they have 12 or more persons – the best and most cost-effective tours in Melbourne..


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MELBOURNE LANES TOUR: Explore the fascinating labyrinth of lanes in Melbourne’s historic warehouse, fashion, maritime and residential precincts with their amazing culture, shops, architecture, hidden places. More.. 

MELBOURNE STREET ART TOUR:   Melbourne’s back lanes are internationally famous as creative galleries and feature thousands of amazing stencils, posters, paintings, murals, light boxes, graffiti and installations as well as historic typographies. Journey with us through the maze to learn how the radical transformation of industrial lanes into urban canvases occurred.More…

MELBOURNE DUNNY LANES TOUR:    Join an 1880 dunny crew and undergo training in the maze of historic lanes and arcades exploring Melbourne’s hidden infrastructure… More

1835. THE FOUNDING OF MELBOURNE (BEARBRASS):      Explore all the original places of settlement before the gold rush in the heart of the CBD… More   

MELBOURNE ROOFTOP TOUR:  An unforgettable history tour on top of Melbourne.Adventure to the high places of Melbourne often by mysterious access routes, to discover secret places and extraordinary views from rooftop cafes, car parks, fire-escapes, stairwells or whatever it takes.Normal fitness required.  Don’t forget your binoculars and camera! .…See Pictures…..More

MELBOURNE BOOKSHOPS AND WRITERS TOUR – A walking tour of booksellers and books: Melbourne is the world’s second UNESCO City of Literature. Explore, with a local writer, many of the 70 CBD booksellers hidden in obscure and historic locations.  Learn about the history of Melbourne writers and read extracts from stories, poems and scenes from books set on location in Melbourne.   More …

THE MELBOURNE DREAMING – Explore Melbourne’s Aboriginal history: the characters, events, places, landscapes, corroborees and ceremonies of the traditional owners before and after settlement. Our hunting and gathering tours are located variously in the CBD, Footscray, Merri Creek, Black Rock – or  choose a local site convenient to yourself. … More.

MELBOURNE’S UNSOLVED CRIMES TOUR (COLD CASES):   Solve thirty unsolved and chilling crimes and mysteries from settlement to today including gangland murders, theft, conspiracy, robbery, bombings,  fraud, bombing, Ned Kelly, and massacres. ….More

HAUNTED MELBOURNE WALKING TOUR:   Visit historic and haunted places from Luna Park to the back lanes of St Kilda. Experience psychic illusions and past paranormal evets including clairvoyants, UFOs, gravesites, sorcery, murder, poltergeists, disappearances and more. Earn your ghostbusters licence….. More

Explore the historic locations, images and stories of ten famous markets  from 1842 to 2013 such as the Queen Victoria Market, Western, Eastern, Paddys, Melbourne Corporation Market, the Fish Markets, Hantons, Banana Vaults and Hay and Corn (3 hours). More…

MORNING TEA IN A GOLD RUSH COTTAGE:    Enjoy morning or afternoon tea plus a tour of surrounds in the City of Melbourne’s oldest home, a famous King Street gold rush cottage owned by George and Lola Russell’s family for 112 years. This is rare opportunity to meet people with eighty years of personal history living in the CBD. Cost $60.00.  If you miss this tour you may never get the chance again..…More

CITY CEMETERIES TOUR:    Did you know that there are 9000 bodies of early settlers, Aboriginals, Quakers and bushrangers buried under the Queen Victoria Market Car Park and nearby Flagstaff Gardens?  Walk the market and learn their astonishing stories using maps, photos and records. Find the last monument standing. Read the many grave inscriptions on record. We remember, honour and pay our respects  …..More

MADAM BRUSSELL’S MELBOURNE:  Explore the 19th century life and times of Marvellous Smellboom during the reign of the city’s greatest ‘Madam’ visiting the slum sites of former opium dens, brothels,  music halls, joss houses, sweatshops, dance halls, gold rush theatres, lodging, houses, ‘salvation janes’ and ‘slum sisters’.…..More  

SIGNS IN THE CITY – A MELBOURNE CULTURAL TYPOGRAPHY TOUR   Explore the City of Melbourne’s oldest historic neon and electric signs as well as other heritage letterforms in architecture,  infrastructure , murals, puzzles and stencils and learn their cultural stories.…More

MELBOURNE ARCHITECTURAL TOUR  Take a tour of landmark architectural buildings in the Melbourne CBD that reflect local and international achievements …..More

OP SHOPS BY THE BAYSIDE BY BICYCLE.Cycle to bargains at Op shops in the beautiful basyside suburbs of St Kilda, Port Melbourne and South Melbourne… More

MELBOURNE ARCHAEOLOGY TOUR:  Two Tours:  1. Explore the archaeological sites of magnificent Half Moon Bay, Black Rock including pre-history wells, ochre site, stone scatters, shell middens, fossils, lookouts and stone tool ‘knapping’. 2.Explore the largest urban archaeological digs in Australia in Little Lon in the CBD. …..More


MAGICIANS OF MELBOURNE TOUR:   Visit the sites of great 19th century early theatres of Melbourne where the worlds greatest magicians performed such as such as Harry Houdini on his visit in 1910.  Discover their tricks and illusions, locations of historic events and the history of Melbourne’s Magic shops…… More

WOMEN’S MELBOURNE:  Retrace the historic places and significant buildings which tell the story of Melbourne’s women campaigners for equality and social justice from settlement to today including Vida Goldstein, Emma Silcock,  Saint Mary MacKillop, Clarence, Mary and Clara Stone, Helen Dugdale and others.

On the evening of Hallows Day the boundaries  with the Otherworld fade and the dead can cross to the world of the living. Experience the lost cities of the dead at Flagstaff Gardens and Queen Victoria Market. Or travel though the haunted back world of St Kilda at night….More

WALKING TOUR OF MELBOURNE’S MONUMENTS:  Walk the exquisite Domain Gardens following the innumerable sculptures, statues and formal gardens that celebrate Melbourne’s poets, heroines, soldiers, sporting figures, indigenous people, pioneers and settlers, even animals. Meet Weary Dunlop, Edith Cavell, Baron Mueller, John Wesley, Simpsons’s donkey and explore their creators.

DIVERT INTO DOCKLANDS:  Take a walking and tram tour of Melbourne’s waterfront suburb with its innovative architecture, public art, sporting and other attractions. Learn about its extraordinary evolution from indigenous estate, wetland and seaport to modern precinct.

RADICAL MELBOURNE:   Discover the packed history of left-wing oppositional troublemaking rebels in the back lanes of Melbourne – communists, ‘wobblies’, mutiny, anarchists, Chinese activists, bombers, rebellion, rioters, suffragettes, feminists, gays, stirrers, eccentrics and madmen….. More

THE CREATIVE CITY TOUR: Melbourne has witnessed a spectacular urban regenerationsince 1997. It has twice been ranked the most liveable city in the world as well as being nominated as a world UNESCO City of literature.  So what makes Melbourne one of Richard Florida’s Creative Cities with a high Bohemian Index? Our tour looks at the city over time and the changing role of artists, technology, transport, architecture, entertainment, hospitality.   …….More

SQUIZZY TAYLOR TOUR: Take a tour of the CBD sites associated with the notorious gangster Squizzy Taylor: bootlegger, jury rigger, thief, blackmailer and gambler as outlined in the novel ‘Runner’ by Robert Newton…..More

ST KILDA CEMETERY    Explore the history and beautiful monuments of St Kilda Cemetery with Meyer Eidelson, author of Nation Builders, including key Australian identities..more

GHOST SIGNS TOUR       Go on a hunting expedition of  Ghost Signs in the CBD,  to record and photograph hand-painted signage and stencils up to a century old, that tell rich stories of Melbourne’s commercial, industrial, creative and consumer history….. More


LIVING WILD OFF THE LAND: Go on a foraging expedition on suburban parks, waterways, street and foreshore and learn how Indigenous people, pioneers and locals harvested wild food, medicine, tools, shelter and other resources from before and after settlement to today.. More…

MELBOURNE WILDFLOWERS TOUR: Pay homage to the Spring season by taking a walk through the Canterbury Road Urban Forest and learn how to recognise the surprising diversity of wildflowers to be found in the urban areas of St Kilda,  Middle Park and Albert Park.  More…

MULTICULTURAL MELBOURNE  Explore the iconic places of Melbourne influenced by waves of immigrants such as the CBD, Chinese (Chinatown) and Greek (Lonsdale precinct). Or if time permits as well the Jewish/Italian (Lygon Street) and Vietnamese  (Little Saigon – Victoria Street). Enjoy a coffee at Brunetti’s and a Vietnamese lunch in Richmond). 4.5 hours. …….. More

YARRAVILLE  WALKING TOUR:   The renaissance of the Sun Theatre reflects huge changes to Yarrraville in recent years. Explore the delightful village of Yarravillewith its fascinating mix of railways, picture theatre, traders, clubs and community groups. See Pictures

PORT MELBOURNE WALKING TOUR:   Discover the amazing transformation of Port Melbourne and Station Pier, the greatest immigration and transport hub in Australia. Explore the places of early settlement along bay Street and learn the history of indigenous people, settlers, soldiers, dock workers and immigrants.  More

ELWOOD WALKING  TOUR:   Explore the extraordinary built and natural heritage of Elwood with the author of the ‘History of Elwood’ including the canal, the Ormond Road village, the foreshore, architecture and indigenous sites…. More

RIPPONLEA WALKING TOUR: Ripponlea’s historic places from indigenous times to heritage village by the author of ‘Ripponlea. The Village’ (2010)….. More

FOOTSCRAY WALKING TOURS (2)   – Take a stroll through the heart of Footscray and explore the fascinating history of its, people, homes, hotels, businesses, immigration, warehouses, transport and changes over time. Also we have a Footscray Heritage Wharf  Tour of the original settlement, bridges, pubs and indigenous sites on the Maribyrnong River. See pictures Footscray 

MARVELLOUS MELBOURNE:    Explore the golden age of the Melbourne boom of the late nineteenth century: the palaces of commence, great hotels, vaults, cathedrals, galleries, banks and stock exchanges.

BOURKE AND WILLS:   Heroism, tragedy, farce or conspiracy? Visit Burkes and Will sites such as Carlton Cemetery, Royal Park, expedition headquarters and monuments to explore the truth and the myths.

DIVERT INTO DOCKLANDS:   Melbourne’s newest suburb has an extraordinary history of indigenous people, wetlands, seaports, architecture and industry.

MULTICULTURAL MELBOURNE:   Explore the iconic cultural places of Melbourneinfluenced by waves of immigrants such as Chinatown, Lonsdale Greek precinct, Lygon Street and Little Saigon (Richmond).

WILLIAM BUCKLEY’S MELBOURNE – In the footsteps of the ‘wild white man’:   Retrace the escape route of convict William Buckley who lived with Aboriginal people for thirty two years before settlement in 1835. We trace the route along exquisite Port Phillip Bay discovering indigenous sites, bushtucker, wildlife and historic places.



YARRA BEND DREAMING:   Explore the history of the Yarra Riverand Merri Creek junction, one of the great corroboree sites of the Kulin Nation with trading, hunting, mission school, native police and Aboriginal Protector’s hut.

THE MARIBYRNONG DREAMING:   A bus and walking tour explores the Maribyrnong Valley, one of Australia’s great pre-history locations including archaeological sites such as fish traps, quarries, lookouts, scarred trees and excavations.

MELBOURNE’S KAKADU:   Explore the secretive billabongs and river at Heidelberg/Bulleen with its amazing wildlife, Aboriginal and Heidelberg school artists.


Unsolved Crimes of St Kilda – Solve 175 years crimes here others have failed…. More

St Kilda, the Dark Side:   Walk the back lanes of St Kilda at night to discover 175 years of murder, arson, prostitution, slygrog, cannibalism, bushrangers, theft and the redoubtable Squizzy Taylor…..More

Acland Street:   Walk the length of legendary Acland Street to visit the amazing architecture, history, cafes, cake shops, pubs, mansions, theatres, churches, artists, writers, and more.

Literary St Kilda:   St Kilda is Melbourne’s greatest setting for thrillers, books, screenplays and writers.  Experience places used in up to fifty Australian books and films.

In Pursuit of Ronald Ryan:    On 3 February 1967 Ronald Ryan and Peter Walker escaped from Pentridge to an Elwood hideout, triggering a reign of terror resulting in murder, bank robbery and the last hanging in Victoria. Investigate the locations of pivotal events in this extraordinary saga….More

Elwood: Fire Flood and Fever:   Explore the Elwood village and streets to discover the history of its early settlers, wetlands, poets, landscapes, homes, transport, businesses and local identities.

Rock and Roll St Kilda:   Discover the extraordinary history of music and entertainment of the St Kilda foreshore, Esplanade and Fitzroy Street.

St Kilda Hill:   Walk St Kilda Hill from the Astor down to theCarlisle Streetvillage to explore a crowded landscape of theatres, churches, army base, cottages, mansions, synagogues, pubs, parks, post office and drain

East St Kilda Heritage: Explore the designated heritage precincts and how they operate from Alma Road to Inkerman Street from Queen Anne streets, to former mansion estates, Victorian cottages mission bungalows, heritage trees, a war hero’s home and a rabbinical college.

Art Deco St Kilda:   Visit the great art deco buildings of the St Kilda foreshore.Art Deco ElwoodVisit the delightful art deco flats and buildings of Elwood

Sporting St Kilda:   Visit historic and famous sporting venues of St Kilda that have played host to football, cricket, yachting, bowls, athletics, swimming as well as lesser known recreations such as marngrook and two-up.

Bushrangers to Biopolis:  Explore the fascinating history of the St Kilda Road precinct by tram and foot from indigenous estate to cattle route, bushrangers, mansions, parks, churches and synagogues, office blocks and envisioned biopolis.

Marvellous Middle Park:   Learn about the recent heritage study of Middle Park undertaken by the City ofPort Phillipand discover the fascinating range of architecture, streets, building styles and historic personalities revealed in the landscape.

Angels and Battlers:   Visit Fitzroy and Grey Streets and surrounding areas to learn about the extraordinary range of support places in St Kilda that support disadvantaged Melbournians in need.

Poetry Streets of Elwood:   Take turns to read the poetry of the thirty or so authors and poets whose names are borne aloft on street signs such as Dickens, Tennyson, Byron, Browning, Barrett and Gordon.

The Charge of the Light Brigade:   Relive the events and personalities of the Crimean War by traveling the score of war-named streets such as Odessa, Malakoff, Nightingale, Alma, Balaclava and Inkerman.

The Spirit of St Kilda:   Discover 180 years of spiritual heritage of St Kilda’s places of worship established by Aboriginals, settlers, refugees, today’s communities and the persecuted for ‘matching, hatching and dispatching’

St Kilda Hill:   Explore St Kilda’s architecture since settlement from its wealthy seaside mansions, great hotels, amusement palaces, seabaths, boarding houses, flats, brothels, punk venues and immigrant cafeeAST sT kILDA

St Kilda Dreaming:   Explore St Kilda’s sacred Corroboree tree and pre-history including dreamtimes stories, tools, bushtucker and wildlife.

Historic Pub Crawl  St Kilda:   Discover fascinating stories behind St Kilda’s great 150 year old hotels including The Gorge, Esplanade, Elephant and castle, Prince of Wales and others.

Elwood Canal:    Explore the Elwood canal (formerly Elster Creek) at Point Ormond near its junction with the sea and discover the history, wildlife, flora, early settlement, and indigenous places of this ancient swamp and coastline.


Wildlife of St. Kilda:   Discover the wildlife of St Kilda Harbour including the urban penguin breeding colony, possums, birds, water beavers, insects and sealife.

Walk the Western Wetlands to the Sea:   Circumnavigate Cherry Lake, Altona and travel down Koroit creek to the Bay. Discover the extraordinary waterbird population as well as the striking natural history of the Altona Saltmarsh.

Merri Creek Meander:   Travel down the Merri creek valley from Northcote to its confluence at the Yarra and discover the amazing, natural, indigenous and cultural heritage of this urban waterway

The Stony Creek. The Journey of a People’s Waterway:   Follow the creek’s serpentine journey from Yarraville to the Yarra and discover historic landscapes, quarries, wastelands, waterways, bridges, wetlands and parks.

Walk the Mullum Mullum:   Explore amazing history and natural environment including wildlife, wildflowers, Schwerkolts cottage and Deep creek reserve.


Bridges of the Yarra:   Explore the Yarra valley from Hawthorn to the City and discover the fascinating variety and beauty of over twenty bridges as well as the natural history of Melbourne’s major waterway

In the Footsteps of the Dunny Man:   Explore the maze of 19th century lanes in historic Albert Park as a night soil worker and discover extraordinary workers’ cottages, bluestone, chimneys, characters and the great Australian outhouse. A time travel journey to the rear end of Victorian architecture and working life.

Housing the Poor and the Privileged:   Garden City is home to five extraordinary housing estates including ‘Baghdad’ or Fishermens Bend and the heritage Bank Houses built to an English visionary ideal.

To the Mouth of the Yarra:   Take a walk at night to the mouth of the Yarra River and experience the reconstructed Melbourne Port and the extraordinary lightscape of the Melbourne coastline. Learn about the explorers and colonists who arrived via this historic gateway. Explore the indigenous landscapes and dunesof Sandridge Beach and discover the use of indigenous plants and animals.