Melbourne Murder Mystery Tour

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CAN you crack Melbourne unsolved murders and mysteries? Even collect some of the unclaimed millions of dollars of rewards?
EXPLORE a score of unsolved crimes and mysteries in our famous long-running central city tour:  murders, conspiracy, robbery, bombings,  fraud, art theft, massacres, land theft, even the paranormal.
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INVESTIGATE crimes from Early Melbourne to Squizzy to Underbelly to the present day.  The crimes we explore are varied: some are humorous, some historic, some intriguing, some minor, some deadly serious.

Historic crimes can reveal an enormous amount about the social context, culture and values of our society. it is also important for our society not to forget that many victims of crime are yet to achieve justice. 

Our 2.5 hour tour (schools 2 hours) day or evening usually starts at Federation Square and ends in Bourke Street travelling via Swanston, Collins, Spring and Bourke streets and through Chinatown. We go to the locations, consider the evidence and ask the hard questions.


Did you know that an astonishing 280  murders since 1950 remain unsolved?  in 2009 the The Age also revealed that at least 43 rewards worth nearly $14 million posted in the previous ten years had remained unpaid. Melbourne’s earliest uncollected reward goes back 125 years – $50,000 for the Parliamentary Speaker’s mace stolen on 9th October 1891.  To provide information anonymously to Crime Stoppers, ring toll free number 1800 333 000.

 I was in time to join a fascinating walking tour (at the 2nd SheKilda crime convention) with Meyer Eidelson of, titled ‘Solving Melbourne’s Cold Cases’. ……we listened to a plethora of unsolved crimes and mysteries, dating back to Burke’s infatuation with the ‘spider dancer’, the 14 year old Lola Montez which may or may not have been behind his ill-fated dash from Cooper’s Creek to the Gulf of Carpentaria. We heard stories of the ghost of Frederico, a suicide (murder?) in the cathedral, a missing Picasso, the life and times of Squizzy Taylor, and the ‘pyjama girl’, Linda Agostini, along with several other gruesome accounts…..
Felicity Pullman


Six million dollar murders :  Three murders, three robberies  totaling $6m and a gun in the Yarra. Find what links them all and earn $3m in rewards.

 The Body in the Sugar Bag Case 29 March 1937: Who owned the four severed body parts?

The Squizzy Case 27 October 1927  Who killed Squizzy?

The Arm in a Shark Case  17 April 1935:  Who lost a tattooed arm  in a shark?

The Hanging in St Patrick’s Case  7 March 1997.  Was it guilt or blame that killed Gordon Smith? Who murdered up to three women in country Victoria? $100,000 reward posted.

Who stole six letters of the Herald Sun sky-sign 2001?

The Graffiti Vandal  27 April 2010: Who destroyed Banksy’s Little Diver? What happened to the parachuting rats?

The Case of the Walking Corpse – How do you spoil the perfect crime?

The Case of the Weeping Woman  4 August 1986: Who stole Australia’s most valuable painting?


The Hodson Executions, 15 May 2004: A $Im reward posted- did a corrupt detective meet a hitman in a Collins Street bar to arrange the 27th and 28th victims of Melbourne’s gangland war? And was Carl Willam’s death connected?

The Batman Dutigalla ‘Treaty’  6 June 1835: Are the ‘chiefs’ signatures on John Batman’s treaty forged? Did Batman even meet them?

The Burke and Wills ‘Tragedy’  20 August 1860/ 21 April 1861: Was the choice of Burke as an expedition leader a tragedy or a conspiracy?

The St Patricks Day Massacre 17 March 1978: Who murdered the Manchester Unity jewellers?

The Pajama Girl 1933: Did the murderer of the Pyjama Girl  escape justice?

Where is Larry La Trobe 1992?: Who stole Pamela Irving’s dog?


The Great Continence Mystery  1904: How did the women of the 19th century hold on?

The Gun Alley Murder 30 December 1921: Who murdered Alma Tirschke? Why does the ghost still walk?

The Melbourne Club and John O’Hara Bourke 1860: Did seven men die because of a gentlemen’s agreement?

The QBH fracas:  Who killed Shannon McCormack, 22 outside QBH nightclub in June 2007 ($100,000 reward)

The Last Man Hanged – 19 December 1965/66/ April 1960: Ronald Ryan was hanged for murder? Did he do it?

The Missing Teenager – 2 February 1992: Is missing Prue Bird linked to the Russell Street bonbing? ($500,000 reward).


The Parliament Snipers Case 1860: Is the Parliament designed to shoot protesters?

The Mace and the Madam:  9 October 1891: Where is the parliamentary mace? ($50,000 reward).

The ‘Brown Out’ Strangler May 1842: Did a woman die because of a cautious sergeant?

The Theatre Ghost Mystery 3 March 1888: Is there a Ghost at the Princess theatre? Do ghosts exist?

Lola Montez and John O’Hara Bourke 1860: Did seven men die because of the Spider Dance?


The Chinatown Riot 13 February 1904: What caused the riot?

The Case of the Tin Fence Assassin  11 December 1979: Who assassinated Ray ‘Chuckles’ Bennet in the Magistrates Court?

The Great Bookie Robbery  21 April 1976: Who committed Australia’s greatest armed robbery?


The Apokolopti Bombing  1 December 1928: Were the wharfies framed?

The Duelling Killers Mystery  27 October 1927: Who really killed Squizzy and Snowy Cutmore?

Ten Years of Bombs  1960-1970: Who ran a terror campaign in Australia against Yugoslavia and were they protected by spooks?

The Sealed Room Case 1960: Who murdered Sam Borg and nailed the door shut – from the inside?


The RMIT Hangings 20 January 1842: Were Tunnerminerwait and Maulboyheenner terrorists or freedom fighters?

Haunting of the State Library 2005: Why is the State Library the most haunted building in Melbourne?

The Ned Kelly Curse 11 November/23 November 1880: Redmond Barry died 12 days after Kelly. Did Ned Kelly kill Redmond Barry with a curse?

And more….

$100,000 REWARD for information leading to arrest over the death of Shannon McCormack a victim of a coward-punch homicide at the Queensbridge Hotel 2007. 

The Werribee Murders Case 1836: Who killed Franks and Hindes?

The Aboriginal Massacre 1836: Did Melbourne settlers massacre the Wathaurung tribe in revenge for Charles Frank’s murder?

The Children of the Dead  1854/5/9: Who left their dead children outside the Old Melbourne Cemetery (Queen Victoria Market) and why?


Cold Case Filesof Victoria Database

Missing mace

 280 unsolved murders inVictoria since the 1940s

Unsolved crimes

Unsolved murders

Over 50 rewards have been posted in the past decade totalling over $14M



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