Tour Pricing & Bookings

Bookings are by arrangement at a date convenient to yourself with a choice of seven days a week or evenings. CONTACT US  at to arrange a personalised private tour for yourselves or your group event.
For School excursion bookings see further down this page.

$70 per person for each booking of 1-4 persons. There is a minimum charge of $280 which provides for up to four persons or less;  
$60 per person for each booking of 5-8 persons;
$50 per person for bookings of 9 or more  persons;
Seek a quote for groups, conferences, corporate events.

$25 per person for seniors groups:  U3A, Life Activity,  Probus, Rotary, Clubs or Meetup with a minimum of 11 participants. 
GST Corporate events may attract GST.
VOUCHERS - see Gift Vouchers
*Terms and conditions listed below. 

(For Online Tours - seek a separate quote).
$340  One class (up to 25 students). Tours are usually two hours.
$680  Two classes (up to 50 students)
$1020  Three classes (up to 75 students)
$1360 Four classes (up to 100 students)
$1650 five classes (up to 125 students)
$1980 six classes (up to 150 students)
For more classes seek a quote. GST is additional. Pricing can vary on the complexity of tours. SEEK A QUOTE via the CONTACT US form below/right-hand or screen or email us directly



Terms & Conditions

Payment, Cancellation and Refund Policy: Scheduled tour bookings or vouchers or certificates are guaranteed only after payment is received. If Melbourne Walks is forced by circumstances to cancel a pre-paid tour, prior payments will be refunded within a maximum of five working days. Full refunds will be made to clients if cancellation by participants is received 24 hours in advance of the walk commencement time. If cancellation notice is not received, full payment may be required. Please note however that changing or cancelling previously arranged dates involving extensive planning and administration may attract an Administration or Re-booking Fee. Weather: Melbourne Walks operates in all weather. We may amend the route of walks if weather circumstances require. Walks may be canceled due to poor weather by mutual agreement. No costs are incurred by participants if this occurs. School Excursions safety code: We follow a safety code on the day. Confirmation: Inquiry dates for tours are not guaranteed until both the client and MW confirm their tour. Tour provision is not guaranteed until payment funds are confirmed by MW as lodged in MW's account. Vouchers are for 12 months and cannot be extended.  Vouchers are not redeemable for cash. Late payments:  Payment of Invoices more than four weeks late will incur a 10% surcharge. Payment more than 12 weeks late may incur an additional surcharge. Public Liability: Melbourne Walks covered by Public Liability Insurance in relation to our guided tour activities. To the extent permitted by law, Melbourne Walks disclaims liability for loss or damage sustained by any customer or third party, whether to person or property, arising out of Melbourne Walks tours. Privacy: Any information provided to Melbourne Walks, for example, email correspondence or booking forms is gathered and used solely for the conduct of our walking tours and will be kept securely and is not divulged, shared or sold to a third party.

CODES OF PRACTICE Accreditation: Melbourne Walks is accredited with Tour Guides Australia (PGA) and Guides of Australia (GOA)... Responsiveness: MW aims to provide punctual, courteous, efficient and quality services, meeting the objectives of each tour as described on its website and its booking arrangements. Delivery of the Service. MW aims to meet or exceed the expectations of customers and provide an excellent customer experience. Non-discrimination. Melbourne Walks aims to treat all customers fairly and equitably. Reconciliation: Melbourne Walks is an active supporter of the Reconciliation Movement. Business Ethics: Melbourne Walks seeks to eliminate any practice that could be damaging to the dignity or well being of customers or to the integrity of the tourism industry. Advertising and the Provision of Information. Melbourne Walks aims to ensure all advertising and promotional activities accurately reflect the activities of the business. Disclosure. MW ensures codes of practice, terms and conditions of services provided are publicly available on our website.  Health and Safety: Melbourne Walks has a duty of care to address customer and staff safety and comfort. Melbourne Walks regularly assesses potential hazards and risks to minimise risk to staff and customers. Customer Confidentiality: Unless required by law, Melbourne Walks will not provide information concerning an individual customer to another entity that breaches a customer’s right to privacy. Complaints and Disputes: Melbourne Walks will deal with concerns, queries, complaints or disputes fairly and in a timely manner. Information: MW to the best of our ability will provide customers at request with information concerning transportation, accommodation, maps, and general tourist services available. Sustainability: MW is a sustainable service which uses minimal resources. Walking is great for health, an alternative to using carbon fuels, enhances social well-being and promotes economic sufficiency for small businesses.