, an award-winning company, is OPEN for tours. In fact, we have been providing personalised private walking tours for three decades. All our bookings and arrangements are consistent with Victorian Government COVID guidelines.
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Madame Brussells Tour

VISIT the historical places of Madame Brussell’s life and times. She ruled the bordellos of Lt Lonsdale, Lt Bourke and Chinatown in gold-rush Melbourne. Her  bagnios opposite Parliament drew the … Read more

Australian Film Tour

VISIT  iconic movie locations in the Melbourne CBD  that tell the history of Australian film-making including famous lanes and arcades, historic buildings … Read more


Take a walking tour through the CBD of places associated with the notorious ‘Squizzy’ Taylor. The diminutive ex-jockey was a self-promoting gangster,  … Read more


Explore Melbourne’s oldest park – Flagstaff Gardens –  with  its extraordinary history of rare and ancient trees,  graveyard, signal station, observatory, corroboree site, promenade … Read more

Radical Melbourne Tour

CELEBRATE an alternative history of protesters, strikers, street artists, bohemians, feminists, socialists, Aboriginal resistance fighters, slum sisters, soldiers, activists, writers, printing presses, anti-rascist campaigners and … Read more

St Kilda Walking Tours

Explore Fantastical St Kilda, one of Melbourne’s most popular and historic suburbs.  Absorb its extraordinary atmosphere, architecture, pubs, mix of people, pleasure … Read more

Squizzy Taylor Tour

  Explore the many city-centre places associated with the notorious ‘Squizzy’ Taylor: theft, assassination, bombing, hideouts, standover and more. The diminutive ex-jockey … Read more


EXPLORE the vibrant and historic Queen Victoria (QV) market, a colorful and popular destination for visitors and a food heaven. FIND OUT about current proposals for extensive redevelopment of … Read more


Journey the‘The Golden Mile’ of  Collins Street to experience 180 years of iconic Melbourne places. Explore the great heritage and contemporary architecture from … Read more

Living Wild off the Land

Participate in a foraging expedition through Melbourne woodlands and foreshore exploring how Australians from  Indigenous First People to early settlers, immigrants and to … Read more