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Bearbrass, Imagining early Melbourne, Robyn Annear, Melbourne : Black Inc., 2005.
Melbourne Remade. Seamus O’Hanlon. The Inner city Since the 1970s. Arcade Publications 2010.
A Guide to Melbourne Architecture by Philip Goad, Watermark Press.
1835: The Founding Of Melbourne And The Conquest Of Australia by James Boyce 2011.
Essential but Unplanned: the story of Melbourne’s Lanes, Bate, Weston, Main Ridge: Loch Haven Books 1994.
The Birth of Melbourne, Tim Flannery, The Text Publishing Company, 2002.
Radical Melbourne 1&2, Jeff and Jill Sparrow, 2002
Yarra. A Diverting History of Melbourne’s Murky River. Kristin Otto, Text, 2005
A City Lost and Found. Whelan The Wrecker’s Melbourne, Robyn Annear, Black Inc. 20
Melbourne, Sophie Cunningham 2011.
Design City, Melbourne, Leon Van Schaik, Wiley-Academy, 2006
Secret History of Queer Melbourne, Willot, Murdoch, Marshall, ALGA, 2011.
The Land Boomers, Michael Cannon 1966: Melbourne University Press, Melbourne.
Chronicles of Early Melbourne 1835-51 E. Finn, 1888, 2007
The Old Melbourne Cemetery 1837 – 1922, Marjorie Morgan, Australian Institute of Genealogical Studies in 1982.
Old Pioneers Memorial History of Melbourne, Isaac Selby, 1924.
A Walking Guide to Melbourne’s Monuments, Ronald T. Ridley, Melbourne University Press, 1996.
Liardet’s water-colours of early Melbourne, Introduction and captions by Susan Adams, edited by Weston Bate, Melbourne University Press 1972.
Old Melbourne Town, Before the Gold Rush, Thomas Nelson , Australia, Limited. Cannon, M., 1991,
Melbourne The Biography of a City, W.H. Newnham, F.W. Chesire, 1956.
A New City: Photographs of Melbourne’s Land boom, Ian Morrison, The Megunyah Press, 2003.
Characters: Cultural Stories Revealed Through Typography by Stephen Banham 2011.
The Place for a Village. How Nature has shaped the city of Melbourne. Gary Presland.
Melbourne’s Yesterdays, 1851-1901, A Photographic Record, Don Bennetts, Souvenir Press (Australia) Pty Ltd 1976.
A Pictorial Guide to Australian Architecture, Styles and terms from 1788 to the present by Richard Appleby, Robert Irving. Peter Reynolds, Angus and Robertson.
Walking Melbourne, A National Trust guide to the historic and architectural landmarks of central Melbourne by Rohan Storey.
Melbourne: The City’s History and Development Lewis, Miles, City of Melbourne, 1995
The Streets of Melbourne From Early Photographs, Peter McIntosh, published by H&WT c1988.
Devouring Melbourne by Monique Bayer
The James Flood Book of Early Melbourne, H H Paynting (ed), published c197
Photographs of Melbourne’s Land Boom, Ian Morrison (ed), A New City: Carlton (Victoria) 2003.
150 Years of Australian Architecture, Philip Goad, ‘Bates Smart: Fishermans Bend, 2004.
Sun Pictures of Victoria Fauchery & Daintree, Reilly & Carew Currey O’Neil Ross, 1983.

Aboriginal Melbourne: the lost land of the Kulin people,Gary Presland,  McPhee Gribble, Ringwood, Vic. 1994.
Yalukit Willam. The river People of Port Phillip. Meyer Eidelson, 2014, City Port Phillip
The Melbourne Dreaming. A Guide to Importance places past and present, Meyer Eidelson, 2014, Aboriginal Studies Press.
Aboriginal Victorians. A history since 1800, Richard Broome, Allen and Unwin 2005.
I Succeeded Once. The Aboriginal Protectorate on the Mornington Peninsula, Marie Fels 2011.
Meerreeng-an. Here is my Country. The Story of Aboriginal Victoria told through art. Chris Keeler and Vicky Couzens 2010.
1835: The Founding Of Melbourne And The Conquest Of Australia by James Boyce 2011.
The Australian Aborigines, A. P. Elkin. Angus and Robertson, 1986.
Wild Medicine in Australia, A.B. and JW Cribb, Collins, 1988.
Wild Food in Australia, A.B. and JW Cribb, Collins, 1988.
Archaeology of the Dreamtime, J Flood, Angus and Robertson, 2001.
Remains to be Seen. Archaeological insights into Australian pre-history. David Frankel.

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WEBSITES ABOUT THE HISTORY OF MELBOURNE East Melbourne Historical Society. This site contains pictures from early settlement days in Melbourne.    Timeline of significant dates and events in Melbourne.   Another website citing key dates.   contains a brief overview of Melbourne and some good photographs of Melbourne today and in the past.


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