Chocolate shops in the lanes of the City of Melbourne

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The Melbourne  CBD is awash with chocolate shops – for example the 23 shops listed below!
Melbourne Walks provides  lanes tours of the city which pass many of them
such as Haighs, Cacao, Koko Black, Laurent Patisserie,  Chokolait Hub, Lindt, Chocolateria San Churro, Max Brenner, Cacao, David Jones and Ganache. 
Monday to Fridays are the best opening times to visit chocolate shops as weekends are variable.
Macpherson Robertson (1859-1945)
Melbourne’s love of chocolate was boosted by the rag to riches  life of Melbourne’s Willy Wonka better known as Macpherson Robertson (1859-1945). He was the creator of MacRobertsons which invented Freddo Frog, Cherry Ripe, Old Gold, Milk Kisses, Columbines and other classics. His many philanthropic donations include MacRobertsons Girls High. His fascinating story holds a mirror to the Melbourne era from the Gold Rush to WWII.
Up front we confess a long term addiction to Haighs  dark chocolate peppermint frogs. Sadly, this condition is incurable but there are self help groups.

Below is a selection of 
chocolate shops in the heart of Melbourne. Please check addresses before you visit as businesses come and go!

Haigh’s Chocolates, The Block Arcade, Shop 7-8, 282 Collins St,

Koko Black, Royal Arcade, Shop 4, 335 Bourke St

Haigh’s Chocolates, Shop 6, 191 Swanston Walk,

Freddo frogs were created by Macrobertson’s c 1930s

Haigh’s Chocolates, 26 Collins St

Charbonnel et walker, 1-2 Royal Arcade

Ganache, 245 Collins Street245 Collins Street, 9650 8388

Lindt, Chocolate Cafe 271 Collins Street,  9667 090

Cacao Fine Chocolates & Patisserie  GPO, Cnr Burke St & Elizabeth St,

Chocolate Secret, 234 Collins Boutique Place, Shop 3,234 Collins St

Koko Black, 167 Lygon St, Carlton,

Koko Black, 52 Collins St

Koko Black, Queen Victoria Market, Dairy Produce Hall, Cnr Victoria St &Elizabeth

The Chocolate Box (Australia on Collins) 260 Collins St  Ph: 03 9650 9079

The Chocolate Box, Goldsbrough Lane, 550 Bourke Street, (Corner Bourke Road) 960033

The Chocolate Box Collins Place 45 Collins Street 96542499

Cacao Fine Chocolates & Patisserie  Shop 7, 525 Little Collins St,

Cacao Fine Chocolates & Patisserie  GPO, Cnr Burke St &Elizabeth St,

Theobroma Chocolate Lounge, Melbourne Central, Shop T157, 211 LaTrobe St,

Theobroma Chocolate Lounge, DFO Spencer Street, Shop 219,201 Spencer St, Docklands,

Carlton Helados Jauja, 254 Lygon St,Carlton

Chocolateria San Churro QV Centre

Max Brenner Chocolate Bar QV Centre 9663 6000




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