Melbourne Crime Tour

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LEARN about the role of forensic science and evidence gathering in solving crimes.
OUR TOURS are interactive including activities, images, news articles and readings. We adapt the content to suit the age of the participants.
EXPLORE different
crimes and mysteries connected to the Melbourne CBD. Crimes range from unsolved cold cases to terrorism, theft, missing persons, cyber-crime, fraud and even art.

WHERE WE GO:  historic Melbourne venues, iconic buildings, lanes and arcades.
WHEN: By arrangement.  Tours are normally 2.5 hours (students two hours) or as requested.
SCHOOL TOURS are normally two hours or as requested. Tours by arrangement start from Federation Square and finish Bourke Street near Parliament.
WE go to significant locations, consider the evidence, and ask the questions.


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Unresolved crimes often highlight important social justice issues. Insight into crime can point out changes and challenges that we as a society should consider. Forensic science is a field of growing interest to many.  Greater awareness may help prevent or solve crimes: Victoria Police asks members of the public to come forward if they have any information that may assist. Crime Stoppers 1800 333 000

Thank you for your tour last night. Everyone loved it, and really appreciated the souvenirs. The range of insightful places, stories and activities was great. Haigs staff team.
‘I really enjoyed the (family) walk and have been on it twice. My friend raved about it to her friends in Perth.  Thanks for engaging our teenagers as well, your walk came out on top.’  Win.

I was in the Crime group and I know the students and I were especially engaged by the interactive activities and regaled with the crime stories in Melbourne locations.
Vermont College
Thank you so much for the tour. It was absolutely incredible and the students thoroughly enjoyed the exercise, your energy and enthusiasm as well as your amazing knowledge and hands-on activities. I didn’t know what to expect from it but it was honestly the greatest experience  I’ve had.
Year Ten Excursion Coordinator, Doncaster College.  

Some of the many crime mysteries and stories we may explore on the day:

Federation Square Morgue
Preventing terror attacks – modus operandi 2017
The Batman ‘Treaty’ 6 June 1935
Death in St Paul’s Cathedral 7 March 1997
Can artists solve crimes? The Missing Persons Street Art Network (MPAN)
Evading detection, Hosier 2019
The Case of the Stolen Picasso 4 August 1986
Operation Tidelands- the gun in the Yarra 2014
Smash and Grab, 130 Russell Street 7 July 2017
Facebook and Crimes 2017
Who stole Larry Latrobe?  1987
The Missing Mace 9 October 1891
Six tons of Missing Sky Sign 2001
Sly Grog Gambling – who Killed Squizzy? 27 October 1927
Chocolate Frogs and Justice 2009
The Pajama Girl Mystery September 1934
St Patrick’s Day Massacre 5.25pm, March 17, 1978
The Ned Kelly Curse 11 November 1880
The UFO and the Pilot 21 Oct 1978
Justice failed – Gun Alley 30 Dec 1921
Madam Ghurka and other Mediums
Chopper and the Myers Place Siege 31 March 1978
Tram Crimes
The Parliament Snipers 1860
Ronald Ryan 1966
15 May 2000/2008/ 2010
The Great Bookie Robbery 21 April 1976
Tunnerminnerwait  20 January 1842
The Wok Case 4 April 1989
Lola Montez and John O’Hara Bourke 1860
Scandal in Bohemia 1930

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