St Kilda Walking Tours

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Explore Fantastical St Kilda, one of Melbourne’s most popular and historic suburbs.  Absorb its extraordinary atmosphere, architecture, pubs, mix of people, pleasure palaces, cosmopolitan cafe, Indigenous sites and heritage Mediterranean foreshore (see 130 historic images below)



Melbourne Walks has delivered over 30 different walks in St Kilda (below). Or ask us to combine themes or design a new one just for you!

Fantastical St Kilda
Join Meyer Eidelson, former president of the St Kilda Historical Society, and explore St Kilda’s roller coaster of history since settlement from traditional owners, wealthy mansions, Victorian hotels, boarding houses, art deco flats, music venues, and iconic  foreshore venues such as the baths, theatres, amusement park, tea houses, yacht club etc.

St Kilda Schools Tour
Fascinating ‘mystery history tours’ of 30  or so iconic places… More

St Kilda Cemetery: Explore extraordinary lives in one of Australia’s oldest and most beautiful cemeteries….More

St Kilda Foreshore Walk: The legendary pleasure palaces, baths, theatres, amusement park, tea houses, yacht club, monuments, seaside hotels, sports clubs, cinemas and gardens of an a Mediterranean outdoor precinct created by Carlo Catani.

St Kilda Ghost & Paranormal Tour:   Visit historic and haunted places from Luna Park to the Espy……. More

St Kilda Hill:   Explore St Kilda’s architecture since settlement from its wealthy seaside mansions, great hotels, amusement palaces, seabaths, boarding houses, flats, brothels, punk venues and immigrant cafe.

St Kilda Dreaming:   Explore St Kilda’s Aboriginal history from sacred Corroboree tree and pre-history including dream times stories, tools, bush tucker and wildlife.

Historic Pub Crawl  St Kilda:   Discover fascinating stories behind 150 year old hotels including The Gorge, Esplanade, Elephant and Castle, Prince of Wales and others.

Unsolved Crimes of St Kilda – Solve 175 years of crimes where so many others have failed…. More

St Kilda Murder, Mystery and Unsolved Crime Tour:   Walk St Kilda at night  or day to murder, arson, sly grog, cannibalism,  occult, bushrangers,  cold cases, theft and the redoubtable Squizzy Taylor…..More

St Kilda Road – The Grand Boulevard: Explore the fascinating history of  Kilda Road  by tram and foot from indigenous estate to cattle route, bushrangers, former mansions, parks, churches, schools and synagogues, office blocks and memorials.

Acland Street:   Walk the length of legendary Acland Street to visit the amazing architecture, history, cafes, cake shops, pubs, mansions, theatres, churches, artists, writers, and more.

Literary St Kilda:   St Kilda is Melbourne’s greatest setting for thrillers, books, screenplays and writers.  Experience places used in up to fifty Australian books and films.

Elwood: Fire Flood and Fever:   Explore the Elwood village and streets to discover the history of its early settlers, wetlands, poets, landscapes, homes, transport, businesses and local identities.

East St Kilda Heritage: Explore the designated heritage precincts and how they operate from Alma Road to Inkerman Street from Queen Anne streets, to former mansion estates, Victorian cottages mission bungalows, heritage trees, a war hero’s home and a rabbinical college.

Art Deco St Kilda:   Visit the great art deco buildings of the St Kilda foreshore.Art Deco ElwoodVisit the delightful art deco flats and buildings of Elwood

Sporting St Kilda:   Visit historic and famous sporting venues of St Kilda that have played host to football, cricket, yachting, bowls, athletics, swimming as well as lesser known recreations such as marngrook and two-up.

Bushrangers to Biopolis:  Explore the fascinating history of the St Kilda Road precinct by tram and foot from indigenous estate to cattle route, bushrangers, mansions, parks, churches and synagogues, office blocks and envisioned biopolis.

Marvellous Middle Park:   Learn about the recent heritage study of Middle Park undertaken by the City of Port Phillip and discover the fascinating range of architecture, streets, building styles and historic personalities revealed in the landscape.

Angels and Battlers:   Visit Fitzroy and Grey Streets and surrounding areas to learn about the extraordinary range of support places in St Kilda that support disadvantaged Melbournians in need.

Poetry Streets of Elwood:   Take turns to read the poetry of the thirty or so authors and poets whose names are borne aloft on street signs such as Dickens, Tennyson, Byron, Browning, Barrett and Gordon.

The Charge of the Light Brigade:   Relive the events and personalities of the Crimean War by traveling the score of war-named streets such as Odessa, Malakoff, Nightingale, Alma, Balaclava and Inkerman.

The Spirit of St Kilda:   Discover 180 years of spiritual heritage of St Kilda’s places of worship established by Aboriginals, settlers, refugees, today’s communities and the persecuted for ‘matching, hatching and dispatching’

Elwood Canal:    Explore the Elwood canal (formerly Elster Creek) at Point Ormond near its junction with the sea and discover the history, wildlife, flora, early settlement, and indigenous places of this ancient swamp and coastline.

Wildlife of St. Kilda:   Discover the wildlife of St Kilda Harbour including the urban penguin breeding colony, possums, birds, water beavers.

The Lost Schools of At Kilda: The private and public lost schools of a past era.

St Kilda Town Hall. The town hall is a repository of a community’s memories with three sections built respectively in the 19th 20th and 21st centuries.



Images: Cooper’s History of St Kilda, Vols 1 and 2

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