GOLD-RICH MELBOURNE in the 1850s was the fastest-growing city in the world, soon to become a crowded epicentre of stunning palazzos, banks, cafes, hotels, theatre palaces and new technologies such as cable cars and hydraulic lifts. In the 1950s however, with the impending Olympic Games, the destruction of a century of extraordinary Victorian heritage began with more than a little help from Whelan the Wrecker.

EXPERIENCE the splendour of the Lost City of Melbourne and its stunning architecture by walking to key locations and using fabulous images and stories.
UNCOVER hidden historic infrastructure, archaeology and the site of the Great Fire of Melbourne 1897.
VISIT surviving architectural masterpieces of Marvellous Melbourne.
JOURNEY WITH US through the back lanes to the city centre, exploring history in images and story from foundation to gold rush, federation, jazz age, war and Olympic Games to Australia’s cultural capital today.


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 ‘A fantastic city walk guided by the engaging and knowledgeable guide today, discovering Lost Melbourne. Even as locals, we rediscovered so much….thanks for a fascinating adventure, 5 stars!’ 
‘We explored parts of Melbourne we may never have known to go to and learned things we would probably never have been able to find out! Lots of great images to bring there, then and now to life.’
‘Having lived in Melbourne all our lives it was terrific to visit so many unusual places that we have never seen before.’

Thanks again for a very enjoyable, memorable, informative & educational tour.  Brought back many memories….fascinated by the unfolding history of the evolution of the city.’