Do you love history? Do you want to experience the bones of a city with someone born and bred to this town and not a cosmetic makeover?   Then this is the tour for you.

VISIT places of lost history, vanished lanes and buildings, forgotten infrastructure, lost hills, waterways, subways, basements. The sort of places you may walk past every day and never notice. What is there now and what was there before? 
INVESTIGATE mysteries, true stories and myths about iconic Melbourne places.
EXAMINE historic images and maps for clues to the past.
HANDLE archaeological artifacts dug up from under Melbourne to learn about historic mysteries and lifestyles.
FLOOD, FIRE, AND FEVER: learn about disasters that changed Melbourne.
THE MELBOURNE STORY:  Every place we visit is specifically chosen to tell a chapter of the Melbourne story from Dreamtime to Settlement, Gold Rush to Federation, Jazz Age to War and Prohibition, Olympic Games to the world’s most livable city. 

BOOKINGS a   0408 894724. We have a minimum price of $280.00 inclusive of up to four people or less. Bookings for private groups available. Additional persons are $60.00 each. We can have up to 10-15 in a group.

 Meet on Southbank Promenade next to the Evan Walker
footbridge.  Location is outside Pure South Dining at 3 Southgate Avenue, next to the Langham Hotel.
WHEN: Tours are 3 hours by arrangement  Monday to Saturday between 1.00 and 5.00pm.
INCLUDED: Tours include a free coffee or drink, chocolate sample and historic souvenirs
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 recent photographs by one of our tour participants. Listen  to our Radio RRR Interview.  View our Youtube video.

Note: For legal reasons, we do not enter underground infrastructure except accessible public places. For general information about Melbourne fascinating lost underground spaces see our webpage Underground Tunnel Mysteries

‘A fantastic 3-hour city walk guided by the engaging and knowledgeable Meyer today, discovering Lost Melbourne. So interesting, even as locals, we rediscovered so much,  enjoyed divine hot chocolate, and parted with a treasured souvenir. Thanks for a fascinating adventure, 5 stars!’  Bryony  2016.
‘Just fascinating! We explored parts of Melbourne we may never have known to go to and learned things we would probably never have been able to find out! Thoroughly enjoyed it. Strongly recommend this tour for locals and those new to Melbourne city. 
‘Fantastic guide. Having lived in Melbourne all our lives it was terrific to visit so many unusual places that we have never seen before. Our guide was enthusiastic, happy to answer questions, and was a fund of information. He showed us great photos of former buildings to explain how things had changed and used some great props to bring things to life.’

‘Thanks again for a very enjoyable, memorable, informative & educational tour.  Brought back many memories….fascinated by the unfolding history of the evolution of the city.’



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