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Mini-me is ephemeral street art seen in city and country landscapes. Tiny figures are placed temporarily in settings of street art, nature or infrastructure creating stories about architecture, justice, sustainability and heritage. The setting is photographed for Instagram or other media.

Mini-me or Minime is a miniature street artist from Melbourne whose work can be viewed on instagram – findminimeor experienced on street art tours.
One of the inspirations for Minime is the famed British artist Slinkachu.  Minime however is unique in that the viewer becomes the artist while other artists often form the background for Minime’s adventures. These acts reverse the normal art paradigm.
Mini-me are distributed free to human ‘Big-me’s,’ often young students. Mini-me is their travel companion for a life-long journey of artistic self-expression.  There are up to 2000 Mini-me currently travelling our planet with their Big-me partners, illustrating the worlds they visit.
Minime are tiny survivors in a big scary world. Sound familiar? Just like we all do in real life, our art reduces their world to a manageable size.

Refuge: Mini-me symbolise the lost and vulnerable people of our world, luckily rescued into a safe exciting life with their big protectors.
Respect: Respect for the humanity and dignity of every individual no matter how small in social status is the foundation of a free and fair society.
Sustainability: Mini-me can be re-used thousands of times without ever damaging the heritage architecture of our lanes and buildings.
Minime’s have fascinating cultural origins. They were manufactured in Asia for use on miniature railway sets ie the tiny public on little trains, buildings and streets. They are a stereotypical view of what westerners looked like in the 1940s-50s, a cultural view of a world long lost to time. 

These tiny immigrant time-travelers are bewildered by the world that they encounter. Fortunately, big kindly protectors are here to help.  I
n a new millennium with so many anxieties and challenges, couldn’t we all use a little help from a BFG now and then?

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