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Flood, Fire and Fever. The Story of Elwood

Nation Builders. Great  Lives and  Stories from St Kilda Cemetery 

St Kilda Historical Series (12)

Granny.  A History Mystery ) 

Walks in Port Phillip. A Guide to the Cultural Landscape of a City



 The Fight for Equality. The Story of ADEC

 Voices from Elwood. A Guide to Recording Oral Histories

 War Fever in Port Phillip. 150th Anniversary of the Crimean War.

 Stony Creek.   The Journey of a People and their Waterway

 Ripponlea. The Village, 2010



Secrets of the Seaside Suburbs. A Guide to the Landscapes of Port Phillip

The Melbourne Dreaming.  A Guide to the Aboriginal Places of Melbourne.

Alfreda the City Penguin (children’s book in English and Japanese editions)

 The Heart Of Middle Park. Stories from a suburb by the Sea (publishing coordinator 2011)

Dedication Passion and Resilience. Stories from the Migrant Resource Centre North West (2010)

Books, Tanks and Radios. Stories from a Family of Survivors  (The 2005 book has sold out. It can however be read on-line from this link  or see the short Youtube  film based on the book below)


See Prices & Bookings