Melbourne Geography and Places Tour

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OUR two-hour school excursion, commencing and finishing at Federation Square,  explores the changing geographic and urban characteristics of Melbourne places from the Yarra River and Birrarung Marr to the Hoddle Grid and iconic Melbourne buildings including locations such as Flinders Station, Federation Square,  lanes and arcades, Eureka tower and others.
STUDENTS experience interactive learning during the tour including being allocated identities of key historic people who have influenced the evolution of the city. e.g identities
WE explore how Melbourne’s geography has been utilised and changed over time by communities such as Indigenous people, colonists, immigrants and contemporary society.
TOURS are usually two hours long by arrangement but can be adjusted to your needs, starting and finishing at Federation Square.
GROUPS of up to 25 students or less are guided by their own individual tour leader.

Melbourne places over time since settlement to today have been important to particular people and their cultures.
SIMILARITIES and differences between characteristics of Melbourne places.
EXAMINES how Melbourne’s natural features, vegetation and differing climates have been utilised and sustained by Indigenous people and later settlers, immigrants and contemporary Melbournians over time and how they have valued the land in different ways. We use many early images.
WHY it is important to protect and sustain our land.
HOW our land is different in some ways to other countries.
EXPLORES iconic places and landmarks that tell the changing story of Melbourne.

Our route may vary with weather, time  available and construction etc but normally starts at Federation Square, proceeeding to adjacent Birramung Marr Park, then downriver on the paths beside the Birrarung/Yarra River as far as Queens Bridge passing Federation Wharf, Princes and Evan Walker bridges, Flinders Station, Southbank, Eureka building, Indigenous places, Queens Bridge (site of early settlement) and Sandridge Multicultural Bridge. Students then return to Federation Square via landmarks such as Flinders Street Station, Degraves Street, Flinders Lane, Flinders Statue, Batman site and St Pauls Cathedral.



‘We were thrilled with yesterday’s Geography excursions. The girls haven’t stopped talking about it today and I have received lots of positive feedback from parents. The information you presented, connected beautifully with our key learning outcomes for this unit. From yesterday the girls have developed their understanding of how places change over time and the impact people have on places. Giving each student a different identity was crucial in capturing their interest and tuning them into the colourful and interesting history of Melbourne.  Methodist Ladies College
We had a fantastic time and learned so much!Spensley PLC.
Thank you once again for the wonderful tour. Our students really enjoyed the day and the great enthusiasm you showed them. We will be definitely recommending the tour to the other teachers at the campus. Sirius College, Ibrahim Campus

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