Melbourne Science, Innovation & Technology Tour

EXPLORE Melbourne places with historic and contemporary connections to geography, prehistory, palaeontology, cosmology, physics, geometry, gravity, geology, archaeology and sustainability, bio-mimicry, architecture, chemistry, mathematics and biology.
PARTICIPATE in an entertaining and informative study of the science behind  historic and current infrastructure, places and buildings in the city centre.
LEARN about the numbers, design and geography that have helped to inform the evolving technology of the CBD grid.
TRAVEL through Australia’s biggest concentration of lanes and arcades as well as new and old buildings using historic maps and images.
TOURS can be any length but are normally up to two hours for students  and 2.5 hours for other groups. They usually commence from Federation Square     See also our Innovation Tour.

SEE –  SCHOOL PROGRAMS –  Explorer, Federation, Colonial, Indigenous, Early Melbourne, Marvellous Melbourne, Architecture, Street Art, Squizzy (Runner) and 30 more.

We all thoroughly enjoyed the Walk. We would love to do another one.
Melbourne Home School students 

Some of the questions we pursue depending on accessible venues and time available:
What was Australia’s first manufactured product?
How could Aussie sparrows help to save bird species around the world from climate change?
Half a billion years ago in the Cambrian era, shellfish died in a sea above the Kimberley desert. Find them.

Can you find the 1864 map of Nearam near you?
Why is Nearam a flood plain?

 Flags and football
Can a fossil find your true love yet? Can this help?
How did Pythagoras theorem build Fed square?
What and where is a thermal labyrinth?
What is 
Why did Batman Avenue disappear?
The Crest of Melbourne 1842. Why did the settlers come?
Why are Melbourne lamps in the cloud?
What vast migration of animals happens in Melbourne every Autumn?
How many seasons does Melbourne really have?, the wettest month of the year is what?
What is a solar tree?
What do the five shields in Birramung Marr represent?
What is a rain garden?
What is the world’s largest trampoline?
Who made the first feature film in the world?
What is an Agglomeration economy?
What is a miniature street artist?
What is bluestone? Why are there ‘fingers’ in it?
What is the biggest ‘biophilia project in Australia?
How could we power the biggest tram network in the world?
Why were 1000 human teeth found in an archaeological dig?
What pioneering drug made from bark funded a 1926 building?
How do you deliver mail by gravity?
Why are there iron shutters on wheels on the windows of Manchester lane.
What do 5000 green lights achieve?
Can we eat Spanish sheep poo?
Can you spy technologies on the roof?
Would you travel to Sydney in a tube?
Two up. What are your chances.
The Hoddle Grid. Why 99 feet?