Melbourne Wildflower Walk

Pay homage to the Spring season by taking a walk through the Canterbury Road Urban Forest and learn how to recognise the surprising diversity of wildflowers to be found in the urban areas of St Kilda,  Middle Park and Albert Park.

Over 20 twenty years ago the radical idea of an indigenous urban forest was implemented for two kilometres on the verge of Canterbury Road beside Albert Park Reserve. The species of plants were originally planted in sections, each section representing a different habitat from across Victoria including Box Iron forest, Otways, Mallee, Cann River and Mallacoota region and the Grampians region. As a result an extraordinary number of wildflowers can be found in this area ideal for artists who wish to paint them or for those who just love the beauty of plants.

These walks are usually conducted in the months of August to October each year.

When: By arrangement at a time of your any day choice with a minimum of 3 people.
How long:
Normally 2.5 hours or a period that suits you.
$55 each up to 5 persons;  $39 each if you organise 6-10 persons; $25 each for organising more than 10 persons.  Discounts for special needs groups and schools.