Cancellation and Refunds Policies: Where advance payment is required, scheduled tour bookings are not confirmed until payment is received. If Melbourne Walks is forced to cancel a booked tour, all prior payments will be refunded within five days.. Where payment is made in advance, a full refund will be made if cancellation is received 72 hours in advance of the walk commencement time. If cancellation is not received, a 50% payment will be deducted.

Weather: Melbourne Walks operates in all weather and may amend the route of walks if weather circumstances require it. Walks may be cancelled due to poor weather by mutual agreement. No costs are incurred by the customer if this occurs.

Privacy: Any information maintained by Melbourne Walks, for example email correspondence or booking forms is gathered and used solely for the conduct of our walking tours and will be kept securely and is not divulged shared or  sold  to a third party.

Public Liability: Melbourne Walks, is covered by Public Liability Insurance in relation to our guided tour activities. To the extent permitted by law, Melbourne Walks disclaims liability for loss or damage sustained by any customer or third party, whether to person or property, arising out of Melbourne Walks  tours.


Melbourne Walks is accredited annually by the national Australian Tourism Accreditation Program (ATAP) and adopts the ATAP Code of Practice ie:

Business Ethics. Melbourne Walks will eliminate any practices that could be damaging to customers or to the dignity and integrity of the tourism industry.
Advertising and the Provision of Information. Melbourne Walks will ensure all advertising and promotional activities accurately reflect the activities of the business.
Disclosure. Melbourne Walks will ensure all customers are informed of all the terms and conditions of any contract.
Receiving Payments. Melbourne Walks will ensure that all monies received from the customer, either as a deposit for goods or services to be supplied in the future, or on the completion of the service transaction, will be receipted by the business and an authentic copy supplied to the customer.
Delivery of the Service. Melbourne Walks acknowledge their responsibilities to meet (or exceed) the expectations of all customers to the best of their ability. Melbourne Walks will present their goods and services so as to ensure an excellent customer experience.
Health and Safety. Melbourne Walks will exercise their duty of care to address customer and staff safety and comfort. Melbourne Walks will also identify potential hazards and risks that exist within the business and assess methods of preventing and minimising them on a regular basis.
Discrimination. Melbourne Walks shall treat all customers fairly and equitably.
Customer Confidentiality. Accredited businesses, unless required by law, will not provide information concerning an individual customer to another entity without the customer’s permission. The collection and analysis of customer information is necessary to improve tourism industry products and services for the benefit of both businesses and consumers. It is not intended that this should constrain the provision of such information, but rather that no information will be divulged which breaches a customer’s right to privacy.
Complaints and Disputes. Melbourne Walks will deal with all concerns and queries fairly, amicably and as soon as practicable. Melbourne Walks will provide a system that facilitates effective communication with customers, in the event of a customer concern or complaint. In the event of a dispute between businesses accredited business will follow appropriate dispute resolution procedures.
Tourist Information. Melbourne Walks will provide their customers with information concerning tours, transportation, accommodation or other tourist services available.