Publishers of Melbourne

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Melbourne has a broad based publishing industry, with many independent and innovative publishing houses actively promoting Australian works and translating foreign works of literature as well as an extensive printing and graphics industry with over 450 printing companies since settlement. 

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Melbourne University Press

Michelle Anderson Books

RMIT Publishing

Robert Andersen & Associates

Scribe Publications

Sleepers Publishing

Spinifex Publishing

Text Publishing(Australian and foreign-owned

Overseas-owned publishers with their Australian head office in Melbourne

Cambridge University Press

Cengage (previously Thomson Learning)

Crown Content

Lonely Planet

Macmillan Publishers Australia

Oxford University Press


Thames & Hudson

The Five Mile Press

Arcade Books

Australian and overseas-owned publishers with head offices outside Melbourne, but with a strong Melbourne presence

Allen & Unwin (Australian owned, Sydney HO but all children’s publishing done from Melbourne office)

Hachette Livre (French owned, Sydney HO, but all children’s books published in Melbourne (Lothian) office

John Wiley (USA owned, Brisbane HO, but all non fiction published from Melbourne in (Wrightbooks) office)

Learning Federation/Curriculum Corporation (Federal Government owned, all publishing done from Melbourne office)

McGraw Hill (USA owned, Sydney HO but majority primary school material published in Melbourne (Mimosa) office)

Pan Macmillan (German owned Sydney HO, but strong editorial/ sales presence in Melbourne

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