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Melbourne Walks School Tours

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Risk Plan Melbourne Walks 2022-2023

Excursion Safe Conduct Code on the day

  • Please follow the instructions provided by the walk leaders who will ensure road safety and direction.
  • Participants should follow Melbourne Walks and teacher instructions regarding compliance with current COVID guidelines of the Victorian Government and the Victorian Education Department.
  • If participants are in wheelchairs or have mobility issues, Melbourne Walks should be informed in advance of the excursion so we can ensure appropriate routes.
  • Our walking tours travel moderate distances and proceed at a relaxed walking pace so participants do not need to run or hurry. Participants will benefit from walking together as a single group not trailing behind. We prefer schools not to organise students in lines of pairs as long lines can disrupt other pedestrians and slow down street crossings.
  • We stop at intervals at a safe location. We ask all students to come up close to the walk leader so they can hear. When the walk leader is speaking we ask students not to converse with each other, or use mobile phones. We ask all participating adults to do the same and encourage students around them to be respectful and attentive.  If there is difficulty in hearing, always advise the walk leader promptly.
  • Students should be alert to other pedestrians and courteously give way wherever practical.
  • Participants should always advise the walk leader if they are leaving the group.
  • Participants should note the weather report for the day and dress appropriately for the weather conditions. Students should carry with them as little as practical to avoid tiredness and heat stress.
  • Participants should carry water on hot days or walk leaders can advise of locations with water/taps.
  • All teachers need to have a copy of the Melbourne Walks booking itinerary with them on the day. This contains essential details of walk leader contacts, meeting location, times and finishing places etc.
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