The Squizzy Taylor Quiz

We use The Squiz Quiz, just for fun, on our school tours of the CBD. See information about our Squizzy Taylor Tour

1. What was Squizzy’s real name?               
__  __  __  __  __  E

2. Squiz’s audacious robbery of £2,000 worth of diamonds of a jewellery store at in the Paris end of Collins street at 30 Collins Street started the Fitzroy Vendetta against the ‘Fitzroy push’ of Snowy Cutmore. What was the name of the Store?                                                                   __    __  L  __  P  __  __ __ __  K ‘S

3. The huge Eastern Market 1847-1960 where greengrocer ‘Albert Fox’ and Madam Ghurka resided was replaced in 1960 by a hotel called
    __ __  O   __  __  E  __  __        C  __ __  ___                                                                           

4. In 1923 Squizzy’s third wife Muriel Pender co-starred in a film about Taylor’s life, banned by the Victorian censor, it was released in Brisbane in 1925. What was it called?
BOUND TO      __  __  __

 5. The Orient Hotel at 200 Bourke Street today is                                                                   
__ __ T  __ __ __                 O  __

 6. The ‘artful dodger’ was shot in the leg by Fitzroy gunman, Joseph Lennox Cotter,  in broad daylight entering his  gambling club on the corner of Bourke Street and
___ __  __  __  E  __  __               STREET                                           

7. Squizzy’s two up school in the Greek precinct was bombed in 1929 at what number Lonsdale Street ?      
___  8  ___

8. Who killed Squizzy Taylor 27 October 1927?  _____________________________

9. Gambling rooms in Waratah Lane are now the                                                
CHINESE __  __  __  __  __  __  __ CLUB

10. Frank Hardy’s famous novel Power and Glory was typeset in the communist party press at 16 Corr’s Lane (the Berlin Bar). Who was Squizzy Taylor called in the novel:
SNOOPY     __  A N N  __ ___

11. Squizzy’s gang of brawling thieving blackmailing hooligans around Chinatown was called the ‘Bourke Street Rats’. A popular plan was to use female decoys such as Dolly Grey  to lure a married man of money into a private room and then one of Taylor’s lieutenants acting as the ‘husband’ would burst in threatening repercussions unless a tidy payment of silence was made. Where was Bilking Square?
BETWEEN LIVERPOOL AND    __  __  __ S  S  __  __  __   STREETS

12 Squizzy was entertained by the chorus girls at the Princess Theatre and the Palace Theatres where resides the ghost of       

__  __ D  __  __  __  __  I

13. On the eve of the 1935 Football Grand Final, Bob Pratt (the champion full forward of South Melbourne Football Club was getting off a tram when he was hit by a brick truck. He  blamed “the Collingwood Gangster” (ie Squizzy Taylor) for deliberately fixing the Grand final by  arranging the accident. Did Squizzy do it?                                 
YES          N