Melbourne Symbols Tour and Excursion

We explore the theme of Symbols in Melbourne’s CBD through the medium of street art, cultural typography and iconic architecture focusing on lines of inquiry, key concepts and questions. We also provide an activity for students where they also create their own piece of street, art, signage or symbolism in the lanes.

 Transdisciplinary Theme:  How We Express Ourselves02_great_petition

Central Idea:
People use symbols to be expressive and communicate.

Lines of Inquiry:
– symbolism.
– why people use symbolism.
– how specific groups use symbolism.
Key Concepts:
– connection
– perspective
– form

– What is a symbol?

– How are symbols created?
– Why do groups use symbols?
– How can we use symbolism to express ideas?

Our Primary school kids had a wonderful time despite the wet weather and also gained an understanding of how important places can become symbolic over time. They also loved the art work and and lanes and symbols and many are keen to follow up with further work…
Footscray Primary School

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